nts radio

While making coffee at Cafe OTO, Clair served Femi Adeyemi his regular flat white and asked if he'd be interested in voicing a radio piece she was working on, Femi's response ?

Oh you're into radio ?

From this chance encounter she found herself absolutely impassioned by the excitement and adrenaline of helping Femi's idea blossom into what is now the hugely successful online station, NTS Radio, which has live stations in London, Manchester, Los Angeles and Shanghai.

NTS' early days involved hand written posters advertising for hosts, late nights hunched over a laptop with whisky and salty peanuts and most importantly, a growing community of equally impassioned enthusiasts who could all see how good this little online station could be. 

Clair worked on NTS for three years as Co-Founder / Programme Director, implementing hardware and software systems for the live stream / podcasting, managing the schedule and getting new shows up and running.

While here she also produced her own show, Camp Universe City which brought together 6 individuals each specialising in a topic (music, art, food, philosophy etc) to speak for 20 minutes about a chosen interest within their field of expertise. The day-long recording session, which took place in the comfort of a spacious lounge in a flat in Dalston, was then cut up into individual shows, which aired on NTS Radio.